Tips on Interior Design Business

Growing business opportunities can be shiny and new land to find a great advantage over the drastic growth in the property business, namely business interior design. Now the demand for the service and interior design service is getting higher every year. High demand surely will be accompanied with a huge turnover for the business in this industry.

Although the level of competition between business interior design is very tight, but the market potential of interior design services business remains large and interesting to run. The main capital in this business is to cultivate creativity and innovation.

Why business interior design must be advertise on the internet?

Because of the demand for the services of interior design are high growth rates over a drastic and competition between business interior design is also very tight, then every performer on this industry should already be doing the promotions one step better than the competitors, in this case business interior design already have started the promotion of services in internet advertising.

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Profitable Business Opportunities in the Interior Design Business

The growth of the property business rapidly growth turned out to be open to new business opportunities and to enter the group. It is namely the interior design business opportunities.

Certainly chic interior design design is a basic requirement which must be met in a building, be it a House, apartment, or Office. Thus, with increasing growth, interior design services provider to receive more orders.

To attract consumers, the actuator business property must show the value for money. Not only the exterior should be adorned, but no matter the venue’s interior must be interesting anyway. This is where the services of an interior designer is required. A growing number of businesses that need this service, the open interior design business opportunity anyway.

To take advantage of the business opportunities this interior design, it is not enough just to have the capital and talent in those fields. You also need to equip yourself with basic knowledge of the design itself. It’s easy, can travel the path of formal or informal. Of course, you also need a portfolio in the form of paper or your design, neither of which have ever been implemented in a real room or just a description of the unique ideas of your own. Next portfolio that are arranged in an attractive package, do not forget to create a digital version, and offered to prospective customers.

After that, specify the competitive rates so as to attract interest. For that, you need a market survey and observation in advance in order to find out the price range on the market there in General. Some designers design set the price per square meter, per view pictures, some even offer per room or a full one building with tools anyway.

Any profits obtained in price each project. For a set of home design can be up to 15 thousand million dollars even more. As for per room range gains obtained reach 1.500 dollars-7 thousand dollars.

To start the game by introducing your services to the people closest to you, can the relatives, neighbors or friends, and relations of work. Take advantage of also marketing through online media, given the currently rising at present. When marketing online, for example by making use of the online services, don’t forget to equip it with your portfolio so that people viewing would be interested. Follow also a variety of events, both workshops, fairs, or seminars. This is intended to get a new relationship that will be useful to your business in the future.

Certainly see the advantages that such a big make many emerging businesses in this sector. But fear not, the courage to compete. Thus, deepening and follow the design trends in up to date became the thing to do. Don’t be afraid to accept the order, the high flying hours later will make customers interested in wearing your services.

House Design Idea of Modern Brazilian Architecture

This impressive house is located directly on a beach in Brazil. It is located on a hillside at 13 meters above sea level, an expansive view is guaranteed from the pool and terrace area. This house design is derivative from modern day Brazilian architecture which is characterized by bright colors. It’s architecture like this that finds its way into modern day American design when companies like Ideal Construction LLC are coming up with new ideas.

living room

It extends on two levels, to avoid an excessive vertical alignment. These two levels are separated and have no connection inside. Has this design idea made you curious yet? Then read on!

The living room is located on the lower level. The focal point in this room is the large window. It has essentially turned the living room into a large terrace with a canopy. The kitchen, dining area, laundry room and utility room are also located on the same level.

house idea

The outdoors also has an impressive infinity pool. On the other side of the living room, in the area between upper and lower level, lies a garden designed as a house with lush greenery. The roof of the living room serves as a patio and is backed by the unique outlook and that is perfectly situated to the sun. This room is complete with hardwood flooring.


The second level has bright colors and instantly puts you in a good mood at the mere sight of it. The bathrooms extend beyond the border of the roof and are thus not covered. This gives you the feeling of being in the great outdoors in every bathroom.

New Sign Language Book by ViKo

A new sign language book! First leaf through! Hey, there is a caricature of Yes! There are of even more? So move! Yes, there’s still some, due to the sign language and the culture and mentality of deaf. Are drawn also from deaf cartoonist! But not only that is new about this sign language book. The chapters are systematically, as a textbook for sign language courses (basic course for beginners). Of course, there are mass signing photos and drawings. In addition, but many details of the hearing deaf world are taught. For the first time only by deaf authors: Margit Hillenmeyer and Jordan Kleyboldt. You present your book:

The book is intended for participants of sign language courses and also for students who just want everything concerning sign language and the deaf – but not to scientifically.

It is worth noting that currently two variants of the “ViKo” book can be ordered:
-ViKo Media distributes books with gestures, which are mostly in use sign language in Northern Germany. (distributed by Jordan Kleyboldt)
-ViKo Bavaria distributes the content same books with Bavarian sign. (distributed by Margit Hillenmeyer)

Not only (partially) different gestures are represented. Also grammatical differences be taken into account. For example, there are the so-called “SCH” North German sign language-gesture that is not represented in the Bavarian variant of the book. In terms of content, the books are almost identical, only the images were adjusted (5% difference).

More information under:

There, the books in the Web shop can be ordered. Because we are a self publishing, books not in the book can be ordered.

Jordan: Margit and I have financed the book project with its own funds, so the book – contrary to the belief of many GL – is financed not with funding has been. Therefore we would be happy, if the book as a “Standard literature on DGS-lessons” is recommended. With the first revenue, we can write more construction books.

Right Steps to Starting a Business Interior Design

The expansion of the property business is now it opens a vast business opportunities for the interior design. Interior’s efforts sped up since the year 2012 due to the high channel DIY Network abroad. Well, before you plunge in the business, see first steps should you travel:

Step 1

Learn about the first difference from ‘ interior design ‘ and ‘ decorator ‘. Decorator just set the aesthetic value of the room to appear proportioned and attractive without having to use the science of architecture. While the interior designers have the knowledge necessary to change the structure and construction of the building.

Step 2

Studied law and provisions on the use of the title ‘ interior designer ‘. Because in some countries, a interior designer must obtain a degree from an institution of trusted and managed to qualify for selection.

Step 3

The plunge in this business you have to master the whole skill in this field. Skill that you must master, among others: color theory, spatial, lighting, decoration, history, style and entrepreneurial.

Step 4

Focus on one type of design. For example you only specially designed for residential, commercial design, modern, contemporary, luxury, or one-day decorating so that you have a specification that will make it easier for you to search for market share.

Step 5

Create a portfolio to business interior design so that later the client can see the results of work and your requirement through the portfolio. If you do not yet have a client, as a portfolio of provided services you can make over a room for free to your friends house and then photographing the result.

Step 6

Join a variety of interior design group to expand business networks at once get the opportunities of cooperation. Join the forum also helps promote business interior design yours. Other advantages to joining the forum, i.e. can you gain the opportunity to deepen your science in this field.

Step 7

Promote your portfolio and the results of labour through the website. Due to this consumers now prefer to find interior design reference via online. The website also makes it easy to connect directly with consumers.

Later in running this business, market share can you snap away. Starting from the middle to the top of the circle who simply want to beautify their homes, to cooperation with companies, hotels, or guest house. So, don’t be afraid if you don’t get the order later.